cougars rejected

February 29, 2012 in fun

Just when you think no one cares…

Corner Canyon High is a new school set to open in Draper, Utah in 2013. Future students voted for the school’s team nickname. They chose the Cougars. Alas, the name was rejected by the school board because it may be offensive to some middle-aged women. Amazing.

Reported by Sports Illustrated in the January 30, 2012 issue under the headline “Sign of the Apocalypse”.


everyone needs a resting place

February 28, 2012 in rest

Our “Released to Rest” mini-conference on Saturday was so lovely. One thing we discussed is the need to create spaces where we can go to rest and reflect.

This is my morning sanctuary where I begin each day. Here, I can sit and just rest, pray, meditate, think, plan, and/or dream. A cozy chair,  colorful throw, cushy pillows, and a favorite cup full of fresh coffee give me comfort and a sense of peace. On the table there is a plate that reads, “The time to be happy is now”. It  is a reminder to enjoy each day. The stacked stone is a gift from a treasured friend. It is a milestone that represents a time of transition in my life. A devotional, “His Princess: Love Letters from Your King”, reminds me of God’s incredible love for me.

Do you have a special place to enjoy God’s rest and peace?  Where is it and what’s in it?


February 22, 2012 in gracebook

Lisalisa is … a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur, a community advocate

The best gift I ever received….My friend DeenAnna gave me a necklace that says “Ageless” for my fortieth birthday – she give great gifts, when I wear it, I think of her, our friendship and the milestone of turning 40!

My perfect day would be…..My house would be perfectly clean, my to-do-list complete, an evening with family & friends….aahhhh!

If I were a color I’d be…..A shimmery golden hue

When I was a little girl I wanted to be an…. actress.

My favorite book ….“Joy in the Morning” by Betty Smith

My secret talent is… a secret!

My grace*ologie bracelet is…..  It is an eye catcher! When I wear my gracelet, it enhances my  unique style, and people always comment on it. I love the sentimentality of wearing a handmade piece of art.

Lisa’s experiences with her mother’s and sister’s battles with cancer led her to develop a tool to help others document the healthcare of their loved ones. Visit for some great organizational tools and to read more about their story.

robin shares her experience

February 16, 2012 in friends, videos

Still haven’t decided if you are coming or not? Not sure what it’s about? Watch Robin as she shares her experience during the reunion conference. Sign up today for the next brunch and mini-conference on Saturday, February 25.

all the lovely ladies

February 15, 2012 in events

“reunion” conference photos

I just uploaded the  photos from “Reunion”, our last conference and luncheon. It was such a blessed day at the Waddell barn with so many beautiful ladies. Thank you to everyone who made the day so special.  Please  join us on Saturday, February 25 from 10 – 12 for our next gathering and bring a friend! Details and registration.

the best kind of love

February 14, 2012 in quotes

Glory be to God Father who created me – because He loved me.

Glory be to Jesus Christ who died for me – because He loved me.

Glory be to Holy Spirit who lives in me – because He loves me.

-Mother Teresa

kristen bell’s sloth meltdown

February 10, 2012 in fun videos

click the pic to watch the video

What moves you to tears? Sweet babies, an unexpected gift, realizing what a fine young man your youngest child is becoming ? Oh, that last one is me. For Kristen Bell, it’s the gift of a sloth. Click on the pic to watch the  video – it is precious!


February 8, 2012 in gracebook

ashley is…a daughter, an adventurer, silly, creative, taker of 1,000′s of pictures, lover of chickin’ minis

Best gift I ever received…locket for my eighth birthday
My perfect day would be… spent walking around NYC or walking on the greenway with best friends and a slushie.
If I were a color I would be…dark purple.
When I was a little girl…I wanted to be a teacher
My favorite book is…Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
My secret talent…I can crawl really fast and I do great lyrical dances
Favorite thing about my gracelet… Its fun and there is always something new that I notice about it
No “gracelet”? No worries! We just want to hear your story….


February 3, 2012 in gracebook

cindie is … lost without my Lord.

Best gift…my & Terry’s children.

Perfect day…hanging with the family.

When I was 7… I wanted to be Batman!

If I were a color… I would be orange because its vibrant and pretty.

I don’t have a grace*ologie bracelet  : (

Cindie’s profile picture is especially sentimental to her because it represents three generations of her loving family.

No “gracelet”? No worries! We still want you to sign the gracebook.

thought for today

February 2, 2012 in quotes

“Where there is love, there is God.” -Mother Teresa